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Kittitas County deputies seized 14 horses

Kittitas County, WA - 05/10/2016 - Deputies executed search warrants on the residents of 511 Westside Road as part of a Animal Cruelty Investigation.

Said UnderSheriff Clay Myers, “When we find these types of situations, we try to work with the owners to develop a plan for proper care of the animals. This usually involves a team approach. We work with local veterinarians, the Brand Inspector, volunteers, the owners and outside Equine Rescue groups. Most of the time we are able to develop a workable plan that insures proper care and/or placement of the horses. Unfortunately these owners have not responded in a manner that meets even the minimal care standards and we are obligated to intervene on behalf of the animals.
The Sheriff’s Investigation, led by Deputy Pete Fletcher, determined the animals’ required immediate intervention. After obtaining Search Warrants for the property, the animals were seized and placed in a secure facility where they can be properly cared for. 
     “Our intention is to file criminal charges for Animal Cruelty against the owners and bring a close to what has become a cycle of neglect.”

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Contact: Clayton Myers, Undersheriff