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Flood Control Zone District

The Board of County Commissioners formed a Flood Control Zone District through resolution on July 17, 2012. On August 7, 2012, the BOCC approved a resolution placing a measure on the November 6, 2012 ballot to ask the county residents whether the district should be funded. Voters approved funding of the FCZD.

Flood Control Zone District FAQs - September 2012
Budget Summary
Technical Memorandum to BOCC - 7-year Work Plan, Program Implementation

Ballot Measure Materials

Resolution 2012-092 - A Resolution Approving a Ballot Measure Establishing A Regular Levy For The Operations And Maintenance Of The Kittitas County Flood Control Zone District
Ballot Measure Public Hearing Staff Report

Budget Materials

Resolution 2012-089 - Resolution Establishing Fund 107 Flood Control Fund
Resolution 2012-090 - Resolution Adopting the 2012 Budget for Fund 107 Flood Control Fund
Resolution 2012-091 - Adopting the 2013 Budget for Fund 107 Flood Control Fund
Budget Public Hearing Staff Report

District Formation Materials

Resolution 2012-081 To Establish a County Wide Flood Control Zone District for Kittitas County in Accordance with the Terms, Conditions, and Requirements of Chapter 86.15 RCW
Public Hearing Staff Presentation
District Formation Public Hearing Staff Report and Information Packet
Additional Comments Received

Public Meeting Materials

FCZD Presentation
FCZD FAQs - February 2012
Resolution 2012-001 To declare a resolution of intent to establish a county wide flood control zone district
Lower County Flood Damage Map
Upper County Flood Damage Map
Chapter 86.15 RCW Flood control zone districts