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During the Flood

  1. Listen to the radio or television for information on the flooding. Road closures, sandbag locations and general updates are announced on KXLE 95.3 FM and other local stations.
  2. Sandbag doors and other areas where floodwaters could enter your home. Use sandbags to direct water away from your home and other structures.
  3. Evacuate if necessary, but do not drive or walk through flood waters. Six inches of water can knock you over and two feet of water will carry most cars away. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.
  4. Turn off all utilities at the main switches if your house is threatened.
  5. If you are caught in a building by rapidly rising water, call 911 for help. Take everyone and all pets to a higher floor or to the roof. Take weatherproof clothing, flashlights, portable radio and cell phone with you.
  6. Move important items, like paperwork and photos, to a safe area. Elevate all furnishings and appliances possible.
  7. Wash your hands after coming in contact with floodwater, as it may be contaminated.
  8. Move pets and livestock to a safe place.