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Flooding Update

Kittitas County, WA - 03/15/2017 - At 0800 this morning The Kittitas County Sheriff's Office implemented a Level One EOC Activation in preparation for increased flooding. Level one is to address local short term issues using local resources. This helps insure the county is prepared, should we have significant impacts.

There was a sleight rise in the flooding levels last nigh due to warmer weather and rain. The lower valley tributaries are pushing water over some driveways and roads, Specifically the Reecer Creek area, Park Creek and the West end of Thrall Road. We are asking motorists to use caution. Do not drive through moving water, as the level of damage or danger may not be visible. Please notify the Sheriff's Office if you have water over septic systems or in your home , as these can present structural and/or health concerns.

The county has sand and bags available at the Upper County Shop and the Fairgrounds in Ellensburg.

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Contact: Clayton Myers, Undersheriff
clay.myers@co.Kittitas wa us.