Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Special Achievement in GIS 2015 Award Winner

COMPAS is directed at property information by providing the user intuitive tools to find a property, identify its owner, access Kittitas County Assessor information, district information, and critical areas such as wetlands, flood zones and snow loads.

The Maps portal is the place where you can find static and interactive maps, organized into a gallery, for easy access to information and projects maintained by the county. The most popular maps will be presented on the main landing page, or you can filter the maps by category and type you are seeking.

Search and download all of the data that Kittitas County maintains through our new Open Data website. You can browse the table structure and even view the data on the map before you download it.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021 Kittitas County's comprehensive, long-range view of geographic information management.