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Starting December 2, 2015, all new uses of groundwater in Kittitas County within the Yakima River Basin will need Water Budget Neutral Water Mitigation (WBN) and need to be metered. Water Budget Neutral Mitigation is a withdrawal of water whose impact to area streams is offset by water from existing water rights being left in stream. For new domestic uses, folks will need to purchase WBN mitigation for their new homes. They can buy mitigation from either a private water bank or the Kittitas County Water Bank.

Kittitas County will offer 2 mitigation packages in the Green and Yellow zones of the Kittitas County Water Bank. The package available to each customer will be determined by the parcel’s irrigation availability. Package A, only available to folks with access to other outdoor irrigation, will offer 275 gallons per day indoor domestic use only and Package B, only available to folks without access to outdoor irrigation, will offer 275 gallons per day indoor domestic only with 25 gallons per day for outdoor use up to 500 square feet. The packages offered through the Kittitas County Water Bank were determined by a Citizen’s Advisory Committee and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.

When a customer comes in to the County to purchase mitigation, they will need to complete the following steps:


Eligibility review: The eligibility review will determine which Kittitas County Water Bank zone the parcel is in, how the parcel was created, well construction requirements, and which mitigation process the customer will be eligible for.

The Kittitas County Water Bank will have 4 processes for issuing a mitigation certificate:

  • Green Zone (Water Budget Neutral Mitigation)- Over the Counter Process (Processing time: 2 weeks)
  • Green Zone (Permit required) – Review by Washington State Department of Ecology- Kittitas County is working on a more streamlined process to, in the future, process these in an over- the- counter process also. (Processing time: 6+ months)
  • Yellow Zone (Water Budget Neutral Mitigation)- Review by Washington State Department of Ecology (Processing time: up to 6 months)
  • Yellow Zone (Permit required)- Reviewed by Washington State Department of Ecology (Processing time 6+ months)

Note: All water rights issued through a private water bank (at this time) have the same review time as outlined above, but do not have the option for the over-the-counter process for green zone WBNs.


Complete Individual Well Site Review & Drill Well


Complete an irrigation affidavit (to determine what package to purchase) sign a metering agreement, and apply for mitigation according to the eligible process steps.


Record their mitigation certificate and metering agreement on their deed/title with the Kittitas County Auditor’s Office.


Complete an Adequate Water Supply Determination, which is Kittitas County Public Health’s review of the parcel’s water situation. We review mitigation, well location, well construction, well flow, and water quality. Once this review is complete, a customer has everything they need with water to apply for a building permit with Kittitas County Community Development Services.


Individual Well Site Review

Individual Well Site Review

Well Drillers