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All calendars are subject to change without notice. Late additions to the calendars may not be published to this web site. Inspections are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be performed.

Inspection Hours

  • June - August: 7am to 4pm
  • September - May: 8am to 5pm (If our vehicles cannot safely make it to your project due to snow and ice in higher elevations, we will not perform the inspection. Please have all access roads and driveways plowed clear so we can get to the job site. We apologize but we cannot ride in your vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles.)


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00111 LOWE 2600 ROSS RD Exterior shear 16-20-09010-0011
BP-11-00414 MCKENDRICK 5510 SORENSON RD Exterior shear 17-20-30050-0002
BP-17-00538 BROWN 261 DELORIA DR Mono pour 18-19-14000-0031
BP-17-00460 CLASEN 1732 NANEUM RD Final 18-19-28052-0001
BP-17-00276 DAWSON 2623 VANTAGE HWY Final 18-19-31040-0014
BP-17-00448 SPENCER 201 LENES LN Final 18-18-25051-0003
BP-15-00898 CHYNOWETH 3742 E TANEUM RD Foundation walls 18-17-05010-0003
BP-17-00618 KATHLEAN 4061 ELLENBURG RANCHES RD Final 19-17-26050-0048

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FS-17-00065 TALISMAN 33 BIG HILL DR Fire sprinkler 20-15-19056-0005
FM-17-00043 TALISMAN 67 BIG HILL DR Fire sprinkler 20-15-19056-0073
FM-17-00044 TALISMAN 65 BIG HILL DR Fire sprinkler 20-15-19056-0074
FM-17-00045 TALISMAN 63 BIG HILL DR Fire sprinkler 20-15-19056-0075
FM-17-00046 TALISMAN 61 BIG HILL DR Fire sprinkler 20-15-19056-0076

Inspector: 3
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00348 DEL VALLE 580 ROCKY MOUNTAIN WAY Post holes 19-15-09057-0003
BP-17-00009 HULL 6130 WESTSIDE RD Floor framing 19-15-06030-0023
FO-17-00041 SANDSMARK 40 COLUMBINE CT Footings 20-15-29050-0208
BP-17-00562 MORGAN 1360 SNOWBERRY LOOP Floor framing 20-15-29050-0095
BP-17-00367 MIZUKI 401 W PACIFIC AVE Floor framing 20-14-12051-0527
BP-17-00682 TEANAWAY RIDGE LLC 30 ROCK ROSE DR Mono pour 20-14-12010-0014
BP-17-00158 OWENS 2101 BIG TAIL RD Shearwalls 20-15-23055-0001


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00004 ZIRKLE 121 KRYSTAL SKYE DR Insulation 17-19-35000-0015
BP-17-00623 RODARTE, JR & MELISSA 6201 UMPTANUM RD ELLENSBURG Final 17-18-27000-0003
BP-17-00570 WESTDALE LLC 280 ORRION RD ELLENSBURG Footings 17-18-18020-0004
BP-17-00352 KRIS, CHERIE 40 NO 6 RD ELLENSBURG Exterior shear 17-19-05020-0004
BP-17-00684 BARRY CARLSON 681 NANEUM RD, ELLENSBURG Shearwalls 18-19-33030-0017
BP-17-00305 BATES 2810/02812 WILSON CREEK RD Framing 18-19-29053-0001

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-16-00639 DAKOTA HEIGHTS LLC 433 DAKOTA HEIGHTS DR, CLE ELUM 98922 Insulation 19-16-06052-0002
BP-15-00965 MOREHOUSE, ROBERT C & TIFFANY A 327 GRAHAM RD CLE ELUM Mechanical and plumbing 19-15-04052-0001
BP-17-00567 KNOLL 692 CHANDLER RD Mono pour 19-15-07059-0007
BP-17-00018 BUCH 501 ANNA BELL DR Insulation 21-14-21050-0007
BP-17-00273 TAYLOR 4652 AIRPORT RD Post holes 20-16-33058-0001
FO-17-00031 MCAULIFFE 2989 HIDDEN VALLEY RD Foundation walls 20-17-32065-0006
BP-16-00760 WITSIL, DANA J ETUX 941 LEO LN CLE ELUM Slab plumbing 20-17-32064-0003

Inspector: 3
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00606 BARTON 34 SUMMIT WAY SNOQUALMIE PASS Slab plumbing 22-11-04052-0023
BP-17-00533 EMMANS 20 RAMPART DR Framing 22-11-15053-0007
BP-16-00080 KEILHOLZ 290 WILDERNESS LANE Insulation 21-13-17051-0036
BP-17-00092 KENYON, MICHAEL R & NANCY A 310 FORTUNE CREEK LN CLE ELUM Shearwalls 20-14-14050-0943
BP-15-00102 VANDENHAUTE, LAURA A ETVIR 101 POWDER CAP CT CLE ELUM Mechanical 20-15-20058-0113


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-16-00637 LIPES 3957 HIDDEN VALLEY RD Tank placement 20-17-33000-0013

Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FT-17-00054 MATT BRENDEN 143 NORTON RD Gas piping 20-13-12051-0003
BP-16-00473 STOUGARD 1630 TEANAWAY TERRACE RD UWIC 20-16-26000-0014