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days the Permit Center is closed.

All calendars are subject to change without notice. Late additions to the calendars may not be published to this web site. Inspections are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be performed.

CDS Building Inspections and Plan Review services will be closed March 14th through the 16th for staff training. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule before and after. Please plan accordingly. Our front counter will still be open for plan submittal and pick up.

Inspection Hours

  • June - August: 7am to 4pm
  • September - May: 8am to 5pm (If our vehicles cannot safely make it to your project due to snow and ice in higher elevations, we will not perform the inspection. Please have all access roads and driveways plowed clear so we can get to the job site. We apologize but we cannot ride in your vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles.)


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00403 STAGNER 444 RICHARDS RD Multiple (see notes) 20-14-28000-0025
BP-17-00009 HULL 6130 WESTSIDE RD UWIC 19-15-06030-0023
BP-17-00087 JONES 1460 S CLE ELUM RIDGE RD Re-inspection 19-15-08010-0033
BP-17-00146 SUSAN STASIK 1380 ROCKY MOUNTAIN WAY Re-inspection 19-15-09053-0001
BP-17-00420 JOHNSON 200 INDIAN HILL RD UWIC 19-16-17051-0104
BP-17-00420 JOHNSON 200 INDIAN HILL RD Final 19-16-17051-0104
BP 17-00693 SETH HUBER 5410 N. 81 ROAD Rough-in plumbing 18-19-24053-0001
BP-17-00538 BROWN 261 DELORIA DR Final 18-19-14000-0031
BP-17-00340 HOOPER, THOMAS M ETUX 3646 CLERF RD ELLENSBURG Framing 17-20-08000-0027
BP-17-00660 BOB JOHNSON 1490 CARROLL RD Rough-in plumbing 17-20-19000-0023
BP-17-00799 ZIRKLE 1555 HAROLD RD UWIC 16-19-12000-0017
BP-17-00648 ZIRKLE FRUIT 1643 PERRY RD Insulation and mechanical 17-19-33010-0015
BP-18-00098 PAINE 3900 BROWN RD Final 17-18-10030-0012

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00228 STOITA 31 ARLBERG PL Re-inspection 22-11-15050-0024
BP-16-00382 MEDRANO, MARY BETH 900 S LAKE CABINS RD RONALD Mechanical and plumbing 20-14-02053-0004
BP-17-00568 NELSON 161 WINTERGREEN UWIC 20-14-12060-0014
BP-17-00374 REPIN 31 1ST ST Exterior shear 20-15-07033-0011
BP-17-00714 GALEN SMITH 4049 SWIFTWATER DRIVE Floor framing 20-14-13050-0030
BP-18-00095 TALISMAN 111 BIG HILL DR Foundation walls 20-15-19056-0001
BP-18-00094 TALISMAN 19 BIG HILL DR Foundation walls 20-15-19056-0002
BP-17-00423 LEHNER 1841 SUMMITVIEW RD UWIC 20-15-23052-0004


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
2007-9207 MONWAI, MARK ETUX 363 SWEET SHOP LN CLE ELUM Final 20-15-19051-0061
BP-17-00002 MEADOR 11691 THRALL RD Plumbing 17-20-29000-0025