Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Civil Service Commission

Five members
Authority: RCW 41.14.030


1. Buck Dawson 06/30/2020 6 year
2. Erik D. Allen 06/30/2023 6 year
3. Carrie Youngblood 06/30/2019 6 year
4. Monica Mersinger 06/30/2021 6 year
5. Ron Profit 06/30/2018 6 year

Human Resource, 962-7082

The Civil Service Commission was established by the State of Washington under Title 41 of the RCW. The Commission is to carry out as delegated the provisions of this chapter and to make rules and regulations that are in compliance with its implied interpretation. These rules and regulations govern examinations, records, maintenance, promotions, appointments, reallocations, demotions, transfers, reinstatements, suspensions and discharges of personnel under its auspices. Also investigations related to the enforcement of the affected provisions are authorized, including such means as the use of hearings, oaths, subpoenas and production of evidence. Members must be USA citizens and reside in the county for at least two years prior to appointment. Meetings are once a month in the Commissioners Conference Room, Courthouse.

Ordinance 2009-18 increasing Civil Service Commission for the Sheriff's Office from 3 to 5 members